Discovering Deanside’s Real Estate: Your Path to the Ideal Home

Are you looking for the perfect house in a thriving neighbourhood that will make you feel at home? Deanside is where the allure of real estate meets your dreams, so look no further. Let us show you the fascinating real estate market in Deanside, where every turn has a tale to tell.

Exploring Deanside’s Unique Charms

Have you ever imagined a location where modern comforts coexist peacefully with nature? Deanside provides exactly that—a tasteful fusion of modern living and the peace of open areas. You’ll find a wide variety of home options as you explore this neighbourhood, all of which are intended to accommodate various lifestyles. Deanside offers a wide range of alternatives, from comfortable family homes to contemporary flats, just waiting for your particular touch.

A Community of Dreams: Why Choose Deanside?

In addition to the homes, a neighbourhood is distinguished by the strong sense of community that permeates it. More than just a place to live, Deanside offers a promise of a well-rounded life. Deanside welcomes everyone, whether you’re a family searching for room to spread out or a working person trying to find the ideal work-life balance.

Unveiling Deanside’s Treasures

Imagine being able to easily get necessities while strolling through beautiful parks and engaging in your favourite outdoor hobbies. Deanside makes these fantasies come true. Convenience becomes a crucial aspect of your daily life when retail malls, schools, and recreational areas are close by. The streets of Deanside are a rich tapestry of experiences just waiting to be discovered as you explore them.

Demographics and Lifestyle

  • The predominant age group in Deanside is 30-39 years, indicating a diverse and vibrant community.
  • Households in Deanside are primarily couples with children, and many are in the mortgage repayment range of $1800 – $2399 per month.
  • In terms of employment, a significant portion of Deanside residents work in professional occupations.
  • Owner-occupancy rates, while high at 80.3% in 2011, have seen a slight decrease to 85.5% in 2016, indicating an evolving housing landscape.
In Deanside, shopping is a delight with various nearby centres like Watergardens Town Centre and Taylors Hill Village Shopping Centre, ensuring all your retail needs are conveniently met. These centres not only offer supermarkets and specialty shops but also house cafes and eateries, turning a shopping day into a fun outing. Dining in Deanside is equally diverse and enjoyable, with a variety of restaurants offering global cuisines. From Vietnamese to Indian, there’s something for every palate. Deanside Central also prioritises health and fitness, with future plans for a Sports Centre and indoor Recreation Centre. The abundant green spaces ensure a relaxing environment, perfect for rejuvenating strolls and family fun. Explore parks like Organ Pipes National Park and Mawson Gardens, offering nature trails and picnic spots for an unforgettable day out.

Diverse Housing Market

  • The median property price for houses stands at $655,000, showcasing a thriving real estate market.
  • Houses in Deanside have experienced remarkable annual capital growth at 9.35%, promising potential returns on investment.
  • The median weekly rent for houses is $450, making it an attractive prospect for property investors.
Median Prices For Deanside, VIC 3336
Type Median Year
House $623k YTD
Unit NA

BSR Agents: Your Trusted Pathfinders

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Navigating Your Real Estate Adventure

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Crafting Dreams with BSR Agents

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Discover Your Dream Home in Deanside

Deanside beckons as a canvas of opportunities, waiting for you to paint your dreams upon it. Its diverse housing options and natural beauty create an irresistible charm for those seeking their slice of paradise.

As you embark on the exhilarating journey of finding your ideal home in Deanside, remember that BSR Agents walks by your side. Armed with local insights and a commitment to excellence, their team of experts is dedicated to turning your real estate dreams into cherished memories.

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